The first universal 3-in-1
smart home ecosystem

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Introducing infini :

Infini’s 3-in-1 home automation hub combines all of your smart home apps and devices into one easy-to-use ecosystem. With Infini, you can manage your smart lights, thermometer, blinds, security system, sensors and more with one convenient touchscreen device.

A day with infini

At every moment of the day, the infini hug increases your safety, your comfort and makes saving energy. Discover a typical day:

A gentle awakening
  • You have personalized your alarm clock: the light has gently increased, the temperature has increased and the coffee is ready!
Go with peace of mind! One click.
  • One click is enough to close your home, stop the lights, start the alarm ...
Save money
  • It's the hollow hour. Your most energy consuming appliances (washing machine, dishwasher ...) are started now because electricity is cheaper
Relax After a hard day's work
  • You want to relax. Click «ambiance» and automatically Spotify will play your favorite music and multicolored bulbs will create a cozy atmosphere
Une multidude d’applications déjà disponibles,
Une multitude de possibilités à venir.

You have already downloaded apps from Apple app store or Google Play, you will do the same on the hub. You will be able to add new applications to enrich your well-being like Spotify for music, Philips Hue for lights, Netatmo Welcome for security cameras. The possibilities are limitless, thanks to infinity.

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Your home everywhere into your phone.

Lying on the couch or at the other end of the world, control your hub with infini app avaiable on iOS and Android.


Now on Kickstarter.